If you’ve ever had the feeling of being uncomfortable in a bra, it may be because you were wearing the wrong size! At La Donna, fit and quality is our number one priority. We want our customers to feel comfortable, supported and good! Here’s a friendly guideline on how to measure your bra size – and you can even do it yourself in the comfort of your own home (which makes choosing a bra online that little bit easier)!
1. Measure under your bust
​With a measuring tape, place it directly under your bust and around your body. Keep the tape firm against your body and take note of the measurement in inches. This will be the size of the under band of your bra. Ideally, do this whilst wearing a soft cup bra or no bra at all to get the right calculation. (Tip: if you get an odd number, round up).
2. Measure over your bust
Now take the measuring tape and place it around the fullest part of your bust.
What’s my cup size?

With your measurements, simply subtract your band size from your bust size and that will give you your cup size.

Example: If your band (under bust) size measured as 36 inches and your bust was 40 inches you would subtract 36 from 40 which equals 4 (40-36 =4). Using the chart below, you can find your cup size. (With this example, you would be a 36D which in Australian sizing equates to a 14D).

1” = A
2” = B
3” = C
4” = D
5” = DD or E
6” = F
7” = G
8” = H
Now you have your bra size 😊

For conversions to Australian and other international sizing please see the chart below:
Now that you know your bra size, here are a few things to help recognise you are onto a winner and wearing the right cup size:
Having a band that fits well means you will get the support you need. When you first buy a bra, make sure you have it done up on the loosest hook so over time you are able to tighten it. The band at the back should sit in line with the front (and not riding up – if it rides up, the band is too big). Also ensure it’s not too tight – you can test this by putting a finger in between the band and your body – if you are unable to do this, it is too tight.
Centre Gore
Make sure the area between the cups sits flat against your chest. (There definitely should be no gaping in this area)!
​It’s also important to know that over time your bra size can change due to things like age, pregnancy, weight change and exercise so it’s good to make a habit of measuring yourself or getting fitted once a year.
Lastly, we want you to enjoy the beauty of finding the right bra and feeling great so we hope this guide has helped! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and HAPPY BRA SHOPPING! 😊