I guess there are a lot of stories that start with 'once upon a time' and the story of La Donna dates back to 1975. From this time until the present day, La Donna boasts a proud and rich history that has seen 3 generations be part of such an iconic establishment. A family business that has grown throughout the years and continues to serve their clients with a beautiful range of products whilst offering the warmth, care and personal touch that small family businesses love to do! An important factor that sees a retail boutique stand the test of times throughout an ever changing retail climate over 44 years and counting! What we have seen and experienced over 5 decades gives testament to the dedication and commitment to maintain a business that understands it's clients needs and provide them with the very best service, quality and care. But who was it that created this wonderful business?
Sunday Press, Feb 10 1985
It all started in 1975 with a strong and passionate Italian woman who was a dress maker with an eye and appreciation for fashion, quality and beautiful fabrics. This was indeed my Nonna, Carmen. She thought that opening a boutique in Melbourne would be a fantastic idea to provide women with imported Italian made handbags and clothing (yes, we didn't always have lingerie) and with her knowledge and love of Italian fashion, she was able to add that special sophisticated European style to women's wardrobes that we still see to this day. Along with her daughter-in-law Marie and son Maurizio, they established their first boutique in Toorak Village naming it 'La Donna' - which is Italian for 'the woman'. Embodying a sense of style and fashion, La Donna was well on its way to becoming everyone's new favourite fashion boutique!
The Herald, May 13 1986
​In the 1980's, lingerie, swimwear and sleepwear were introduced into the boutique and La Donna soon became the number one destination for intimate apparel attracting high profile personalities and celebrities who absolutely loved visiting the boutique and wearing our beautiful garments. The loyalty of our customers is something we are so appreciative of. (Even to this day, we have many long standing clients who have come to us for years - and that's including my Nonna's clients from the 80's and 90's can you believe)! It is something so special and to have these ongoing relationships further strengthens the love of what we do.

​Carrying brands like La Perla, Faber, Armani and Moschino, we became distributors to David Jones and select boutiques across Australia throughout the 2000's. Having the opportunity and connections to be introduced to and work with the top Italian labels gave us the exact craftsmanship we wanted to offer our clients. We are proud to now have the exclusive Italian made label Cotton Club by Roberto Crescentini that boasts beautiful fabrics, designs and the quality that has forever been the core of our products.
Melbourne Winners Weekly, 29 July 1985
The whole family has proudly been apart of the business over the last 44 years and are still very much actively involved and enjoying what each new day brings us. Remembering the days of the old manual credit card machines and shops closing at 1pm on a Saturday (!!) to today where we have expanded our business to include online shopping where people from all over the world can now access our beautiful garments. We are dedicated to evolving with the times and are excited to see what the future will bring!
Vogue Australia July 1986
Sara Borgobello